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Albert K. Wong, MD
Albert K. Wong, MD - Dermatologist
5500 Knoll North Dr., Suite 490, Columbia, MD 21045
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Experienced Dermatologist in Glen Burnie and Columbia, MD

Your skin is your body's largest organ. Care for it properly with help from board-certified dermatologist, Albert K. Wong, MD. Our specialists in Glen Burnie and Columbia, MD offers a variety of proven and advanced treatments for conditions such as skin cancer, acne, mole or wart removal, and hair problems. Appointments are available in both convenient locations.

Treating Your Skin Right

Wart Removal - Skin Care in Glen Burnie, MD
No matter what your skin problem is, we can help. We offer a variety of medical treatments for diseases of the skin, including surgical procedures for moles, warts and cancerous growths.
Skin disorders like hives and shingles can be not only embarrassing but extremely painful. Start living your life comfortably again. Whether you have minor blemishes or major skin problems, rest assured knowing you will love the way you look in the mirror after you leave Albert K. Wong, MD.

Education and Prevention

Patient education is an integral part of responsible care, whether it's for acne or cancer of the skin. We discuss with the patient how to examine themselves and how to detect abnormal lesions as well as the proper use of sunscreen and protective clothing.